Your gift to our Scholarship or Greatest Need fund makes an eternal impact on the lives of campers.

Why Your Giving is Needed:

After completing its 100th summer, Camp Siloam was in the best position financially and operationally. Unexpectedly, camp received bad news; camp’s liability and property insurance increased by 400% due to over a million dollars in claims from two major storms in 2019. The property insurance market is changing, with insurers becoming less likely to insure camps in ‘tornado alley’ because of the number of wind and hail claims from the region. 

To manage this unexpected increase, we are 1) cutting expenses 2) raising $200,000 in Greatest Need campaign funds 3) & possibly having to raise camp fees for 2024. We are careful and considerate when raising the price of camp and don’t want any camper unable to come because of price. We will be raising our scholarship goal to $175,000 in 2024, already having raised $62,500 this year. Last year we gave away $144,00 in camper scholarships.

Make a gift todayIt takes five minutes to make an impact for eternity. 


Camp Siloam never wants a child or student to be turned away due to the cost of camp. Monthly giving to the Scholarship fund allows camp to give scholarships to help with the cost of camp for those who would otherwise not be able to attend.

How Your Gifts Can Help a Camper:

Goal: $175,000

Greatest Need

Monthly giving to the Greatest Need fund says you trust camp leadership to put your money towards the ‘greatest need’ we may face. This may include:

  • 2025 Insurance Premiums
  • Emergencies
  • Maintenance
  • Program Equipment

These gifts are effective in giving our campers the best experience.

Goal: $200,000

How To Give Via Check 

If you would like to make a gift with a check, then make the check out to “Camp Siloam.”  In the “memo” line write, the campaign to which you would like it directed.   Place the check in an envelope and send it to:

Camp Siloam

3600 South Lincoln Street

Siloam Springs, AR 72761.


We don’t encourage donors to send cash through the mail, but we will receive it if you choose to donate with cash.