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What is Summer Staff?

Your summer at Camp Siloam promises to be one of the best of your life. You will get paid to do the things you were designed to do! It may even be the craziest stuff you’ve ever done. You will grow spiritually and be challenged here more than almost anything you have ever done. At Camp Siloam, you will experience friendship and Christian community in ways that are precious and rare. You will be amazed at what God does through the drama, games, speakers, band, and more. This summer, work at a place where you will hold onto the memories of what happens for the rest of your life.

We are looking for college students to serve alongside us as 6,000 campers join us this summer. Camp Siloam offers camps for children and youth. Whether you prefer working behind the scenes or front-and-center on stage, each person in every position will get to share the good news of Jesus. Serving with us at Camp Siloam you will be able to make an Eternal Global Impact.

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Application Process

Step 1: APPLY – Click the ‘SUMMER STAFF APPLICATION’ button below to fill out the application. You will create a username and password. You can check the website to see if your references have completed their form. References must be completed to be considered for any position.

Step 2: INTERVIEW – Sign up for an interview when we come to your campus, or call us to set up a phone or video interview.

Step 3: POSITION OFFER and PRAYER – After we have sorted through applications, we may offer you a position and have you pray through the decision for a week. If you haven’t heard from us, give us a call.

If you have problems or questions with the application please call us at 479-250-1865.


$2,255 – $4,950 depending on position (6 to 12 weeks).


(Possible Early Week: May 13th – 19th)

Full Summer: May 20th – August 4th (12 weeks)

Session 1: May 20th – June 29th (6 weeks)

Session 2: May 20th – June 2nd AND June 30th – August 4th (6 weeks)

Orientation: May 20th – June 2nd

Weeks 1-9: June 3rd – August 4th


Will I get paid?

Yes! Salary for returning and highly skilled positions may be higher. Some positions are also required to work Week 9.

When will I hear if I get a position?

If you have completed the application, your interview, and your references have been completed, you will typically hear from us within 2-3 weeks. If you haven’t heard from us and/or get another offer elsewhere, give us a call.

Can I just work a few weeks?

We would prefer everyone to make the full commitment for the summer (11 – 12 weeks depending on position), but we realize that isn’t always possible. Because of this, we have some positions that are able to work less than the full summer. You will be asked on the application when you’re able to work.

Can I get internship credit?

Some universities allow you to get internship credit if your job matches with the internship requirements. Give us a call at 479-250-1865 and ask.

Who is eligible to apply?

If you’re applying to be a summer staffer, you must have graduated high school and be at least 18 years of age by the day you report to camp (May 20, 2024) to be considered for any staff position. Our preference is to have staff that have completed at least one year of college. We do make a few exceptions; if curious, call and ask. If you are still in high school – check out our S-Core program Here

Do I get time off?

Yes. Most weeks you will have Friday around 4pm (sometimes earlier) to Sunday at 6pm off. Staff use this time to do laundry, sleep, go to church and hangout.

Do I have to pay for housing and food or is that included?

We pay for your meals and your housing except for meals during time off.

Still have questions?

Call 479-250-1865 or email us at [email protected]


Click Here to download a list of summer camp staff positions and their descriptions. 

Staff Expectations

People have a desire to exercise their freedoms to dress and act expressing their individualism. At Camp Siloam we have a responsibility to lay our freedoms aside for the sake of campers that come to camp who might be distracted by those freedoms. There are going to be things we require of you so that the Gospel can be preached to all our guests without distraction. We desire to minister to the most people possible and we have established some guidelines that will provide a summer filled with fun and focus on Christ. All staff will follow Camp Siloam policies regarding appearance, curfew and vehicles. Staff will be prohibited from the use of alcoholic beverages, tobacco, or any dangerous drugs for the period of their employment, whether camp is in or out of session.

It is our desire to avoid causing conflict between parents, leaders and their children. Therefore, we have chosen to take a conservative approach in our dress, appearance and behavior. We want to show people that we’re a positive and purposeful staff, which begins with our appearance. As a staff member, you set an example for the campers. Your attitude and appearance will go a long way for many youth pastors, volunteers and parents.

  • Piercings: Female employees may wear earrings in their ears. Male employees who have earrings or any staff with ear plugs or body piercings should wear clear or flesh-colored plugs when on grounds.
  • Tattoos: Camp Siloam encourages the covering of all tattoos when in contact with guests. We recognize that some tattoos are potentially more, or less, offensive than others. Since it is impossible to address the variety of tattoos, please ask a camp director if you are concerned about a tattoo you may have. Camp Siloam reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to ask any employee to cover up any tattoo, at any time.
  • Dress code: We request that each staffer, whether a guy or a girl, be humble and modest in his/her
    personal appearance during camp. No “short shorts.” Shorts must extend to the
    fingertips. No spaghetti strap shirts or deep-cut tank tops. No tights/leggings or bike
    shorts. No bikinis or speedos (Tankini bathing suits are okay as long as the top overlaps
    the bottom). You will be given staff shirts to be worn daily.

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