About Us


To see our campers and staff make an eternal, global impact for the Kingdom of God.


Helping people find identity in Jesus Christ, purpose in His kingdom and their role in God’s mission for the world.


We Are Siloam

Siloam is a Hebrew word meaning “sent”.
It is no coincidence that the meaning of Siloam is clearly defined in scriptures. Because of the divine
emphasis given to the word “Siloam,” we find great importance in the idea of Siloam. Sending permeates
everything we do. Siloam speaks to the idea that everyone who comes to camp (campers, counselors, staff,
volunteers, donors and board members) is involved in Jesus’ ministry here because they were sent by the
Father. We all came under obedience to His authority. We agree to submit to His Lordship and we are sent
out with the authority He gives us.

We Are Ambassadors

We share the message of Jesus Christ and believe its power transforms lives.
We are sent like citizens of Heaven to a broken world that desperately needs the message of hope. As
ambassadors of The King of Heaven we are given the best news a person could ever hear. Because the word
of God and the Holy Spirit resides in each of us, we can, if we’re abiding in Him, think, act and speak on behalf of The King. People watch how an ambassador lives. How we love and serve one another speaks volumes to
a world that can’t comprehend Heaven. Lastly, an ambassador’s work has tremendous purpose. Making a difference in someone’s life trajectory for all eternity is meaningful work.

We Are Servants

We serve people as Jesus would.
We are God’s plan for the world to experience His love. Camp Siloam’s culture is one of service born out of
Jesus’ love for sinners. When we serve like Jesus, then our guests will know us by our love. Service at this level
is not easy. It requires a constant dying to selfishness, reckless abandonment to being like Jesus and trusting
the Holy Spirit will bring forth the fruits of His Spirit. The level of service we provide requires constant
communion with The Father so that you may be adaptable; responding to people, circumstances and tasks
consistently with humility, grace, kindness and patience. In doing so, we believe that we remove obstacles
between the camper and the cross.

We Are Friends

We value conversation, relationships and community.
Conversation is the platform for great relationships; both human and divine. We value how time spent in
conversation builds friendships and challenges us to learn and grow. Consistent time spent in prayer and the
Word yields a relationship with God which Jesus described as being “one with the Father.” The Lord’s pursuit
of us compels us to have purposeful relationships with others by helping them find their identity, purpose
and mission in Christ. When we seek a deep, abiding relationship with the Father and friendship with one
another, then we will experience the wonder of genuine community. In the early church, people had fun
together, they ate together regularly, they enjoyed the company of one another, they laughed together, they
shared each other’s burdens and daily people came to know Jesus. How much more fun can life get than

We Are Designers

We thoughtfully create great camps.
Our heavenly Father is Creator; a Master Designer. All of creation is His canvas. Humans are the pinnacle of
His handiwork. Being made in His image, we have a desire to create. We design out of our love for Him and
we design with the belief that camp is the most effective tool for the church to transform lives with the
power of the Gospel. His love and our passion for camp compel us to create fun, relevant events that glorify
The Father. Everything we do is crafted with excellence, creativity and vision. It is our desire that every
component of camp is thoughtful, innovative, and forward-thinking. God uses our passion and spiritual gifts to create an environment that impacts lives for eternity. Thoughtfully thinking through and executing a camp event with excellence is our form of worship and we want to offer our best. 

We Are Caretakers

We are stewards of this holy place.
Because of Arkansas Baptists’ steadfast faithfulness to the Gospel, the Lord is blessing this place with a special measure of His presence (Exodus 20:24). We value the legacy of God’s presence here. In being sent to Camp Siloam we are handed the care of this precious place during our time here. Each of us has a desire to nurture the ministry, the beauty and the quality of this place. It is our duty to tend Camp Siloam as a gardener would tend a garden, to strengthen it as a builder would a bridge and to protect it as a warrior would defend the land. Every day, with each small task, we advance the ministry of Jesus at Camp Siloam. In doing these things, we are laying a physical and spiritual foundation so that the Lord can use this place for His glory.

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