The Grounds

Camp Siloam sits on 178 acres on the western edge of the Ozark Mountains.  The main part of the camp has been developed along a valley that has been carved out by Little Beaver Creek.  The valley is well shaded in the summertime by more than 150 walnut trees. The highlands of the camp are undeveloped and are typical of an Ozark forest with a diversity of young deciduous and evergreen trees. Trails are being developed throughout the camp for hiking, biking and exploring.


  • Valley with Creek
  • Length of about 3/4 mile

Worship Center

Built in 1991, the Worship Center is the main venue for summer camp here at Siloam. This building was built with a generous donation from Harvey and Bernice Jones through the Jones Foundation. The facility replaced the old tabernacle that had been used since the 1930s. It comfortably seats up to 1,000 people in its 75 wooden pews, none of which are more than 55 feet from the main stage. The main stage has 475 square feet of space; enough room for a band, a small orchestra, or even a medium sized stage production.The stage has removable sections to add to the space or to allow for various stage setups and designs.


  • Built in 1991
  • Seats 1,000
  • One 33′ x 22′ conference room
  • One 28′ x 24′ conference room
  • 75 wooden pews
  • 55 feet is the greatest distance from stage
  • 475 square-foot stage
  • Sound booth with a 32 channel sound board
  • Sound system is an aerial system with Electrovoice speakers and JBL sub-woofers
  • Theater lighting
  • Restrooms
  • Air conditioning and heat

Jones Conference Center

Built in 1995, the Jones Conference Center provides an intimate setting for a smaller retreat group of less than 125 participants. This building has a main auditorium that can comfortably seat about 125 adults in chairs. The room can be re-configured for many types of occasions.  Retreats, planning sessions, and special church meetings have been held in the Jones Conference Center. In addition to an auditorium, this building has a medium sized conference room, which can be used for classes, small business meetings, breakout sessions and prayer meetings.


  • Built in 1995
  • Comfortably seats 125
  • No pews, allowing for multiple configurations
  • Medium-sized conference room
  • Kitchenette for serving catered meals
  • Restrooms
  • Air conditioning and heat

Dining Facilities

Camp Siloam currently has 2 dining facilities: Cedar Hall, and The Hub. 

Cedar Hall

Cedar Hall is the main dining hall for summer camp. It can seat 900 campers at one time, but can feed over 1200 campers during the course of a meal. Built in 2018, this modern building has a built-in sound system that allows for very versatile use. Cedar Hall can be used for event meals, banquets, and also as a general meeting space.

The Hub

The Hub is used for concessions during summer camp, but during the remainder of the year, it can be used as a dining facility. By opening up doors into side rooms, the Hub can seat roughly 150 people.

Bunk Houses

Camp Siloam has a total of 47 bunkhouses contained in 9 buildings. The maximum sleeping capacity in the bunkhouses is 1,128. Twenty-six of these bunkhouses are on the north side of the creek (the Girls’ bunkhouses during summer camp), and 21 are on the south side of the creek (Boys’ bunkhouses during summer camp). Each bunkhouse has a maximum average capacity of 24 campers (12 single-sized bunkbeds). Each bunkhouse has a bathroom with 3 showers, 3 restroom stalls, and 2 sinks. There are also vanity mirrors and countertops outside each bathroom.


  • 47 total bunkhouses
  • 26 North of the creek, 21 South
  • Capacity of 24 per bunkhouse
  • 12 single-sized bunkbeds
  • Each bunkhouse has one restroom with 3 showers, 3 toilet stalls, and 2 sinks
  • Vanity mirror and countertop

Diamond Inn

In addition to bunkhouses, Camp Siloam also has a number of hotel-like rooms in Diamond Inn. Each room can sleep 2 to 4 people and includes a bathroom with a shower. Full capacity is 32 people. 


Diamond Inn is one of the best places to stay at Camp Siloam. During summer camp, it is reserved for special guests, speakers and church leaders. There are 8 hotel-style rooms, each with 2 full-sized beds with linens included. Diamond Inn is the only housing at Camp Siloam that includes a bathtub in each room. A handicap accessible Diamond Inn room is available.

Recreational Facilities

Camp Siloam has a pool with a capacity of 300 swimmers that is 10-foot at its deepest point. There’s also an 18 hole mini-golf course. It is located toward the end of the camp on the north side of the creek. The disc golf course has 9 holes winding through the manicured woods. There are four half-basketball courts. There are five volleyball courts, as well. Three of these are sand and two are concrete or asphalt. There are two softball fields and a lot of open space throughout the entire property that allow for practically any game ranging from football to capture the flag.


  • Pool: 300 swimmer capacity, 10ft greatest depth
  • 9-hole disc-golf course
  • 4 half-basketball courts
  • 5 volleyball courts: 3 sand, 2 concrete/asphalt
  • 2 softball fields
  • Plenty of open space

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