Centennial Celebration

100 Years of Seeing Lives Changed

Once in a while, you think about the best summer of your life.  Something will trigger a thought of the sweet days you spent in God’s presence at Siloam.  As memories flow, you consider planning a visit but, the idea fades into the busyness of life.  Now, time has passed, and you regret you’ve never been back to Siloam. 


Well, now you have a fantastic excuse!   


Siloam is celebrating its 100th summer.    


We invite you, your family and your friends to be a part of it.

Call your friends who came to camp.  Text the staff members you worked with.  Message the youth pastor who brought you to camp.  Round up your kids (or grandkids), load them in the minivan and bring them to Camp Siloam for a weekend reunion and celebration. 

The dates are Friday, August 4th – Sunday, August 6th.

The schedule is loose and light; designed for lots of free play, fun and fellowship.  Saturday afternoon is reunion time for alumni staff members. Camp leaders, Don Cooper, Stephen Hatfield, Freddy Pike, Pat Batchelor, Scott Hodge, and Jason Wilkie will be hosting receptions. The weekend culminates with a 90-minute worship service on Saturday evening.  Several housing and meal options are provided below.  Special rates at hotels in Siloam Springs are available at participating hotels.  They are listed below:

. Holiday Inn:  

    – $140.00/night plus tax for Single King’s and $150.00/night plus tax for Two Queen’s. Click below to reserve a room. 


(Affordable Hotels in Siloam Springs, AR | Holiday Inn Express & Suites Siloam Springs (ihg.com))


. Hampton Inn:  

    – $129 plus tax. Click below to reserve a room. 


(Available Rooms – Hampton Inn Siloam Springs (hilton.com)) 


. Quality Inn: 

    – Single Beds $75 and double beds $80. Call: 855-516-1090 to reserve your room. 


Call 479-250-1865 during normal office hours and one of our guest services staff will help you.

Email cathy@campsiloam.com if you are need help after office hours.

Everyone and their families.   

  • Alumni staff members and their families.   
  • Campers and their families.   
  • Pastors who brought kids to camp. 
  • Current and former Arkansas Baptist leaders who influenced the growth and development of Camp Siloam.  
  • Curious Siloam Springs residents who’ve always wondered what happens after you cross through the arch. 


7:00 p.m. Dessert


8:30 Breakfast

12:30 Lunch

5:30 Dinner

9:30 p.m. late night dessert & fellowship


8:00 am Breakfast

Housing at camp is in the bunkhouses.  All bunkhouses are air-conditioned.  There are no more WWII bunkbeds. Families will be divided by gender.  Men and boys on one side of the creek.  Women and girls on the other side of the creek.  (For this event you can cross the creek at night.)  Hotel booking is on your own. 

  • Bunkhouse lodging is $18 per person, per night.
  • Breakfast is $7
  • Lunch is $8
  • Dinner is $9
  • Lodging and meal packages are available.

Yes, by all means we want kids to enjoy the creek.  Adults can play in the creek too. 

Each new building Camp Siloam has constructed has handicapped accessibility.  However, many buildings do not and moving about camp may be difficult for folks with mobility concerns.  Camp Siloam will provide shuttles to help people move about camp during activities or on tours. 

Holiday Inn:  

              - $140.00/night plus tax for Single King's and $150.00/night plus tax for Two Queen's. Click below to reserve a room. 

(Affordable Hotels in Siloam Springs, AR | Holiday Inn Express & Suites Siloam Springs (ihg.com))

Hampton Inn:  

              - $129 plus tax. Click below to reserve a room. 

(Available Rooms - Hampton Inn Siloam Springs (hilton.com))

Quality Inn: 

Single Beds $75 and double beds $80. Call: 855-516-1090 to reserve your room. 

  • Archery 
  • Bazooka Ball 
  • Pool 
  • Water slide 
  • Softball 
  • Wiffleball 
  • ETC 

No.  Campers still cannot chunk rocks. 

Centennial Celebration Schedule


7:00 p.m. Coffee, dessert, and hang out time in the Dining Hall 



8:00 a.m. Breakfast 

12:30 p.m. Lunch 

1:30 p.m. Reunion with former and current Executive Directors  

2:30 p.m. Activities Open: 


Water Slide 

Target Sports 

Lawn Games 

Wiffle Ball 

Dining Hall 

Camp Tours 

3:30 p.m. Drama in the worship center 

5:30 p.m. Dinner 

7:00 p.m. Program 

8:30 p.m. Evening Fellowship- Hub & Lawn 

Ice Cream 





8:00 a.m. Breakfast 

9:00 a.m. Worship